Social Distancing Pt. 2

We're focusing on self-care and health right now. We understand some may not have the luxury to be at home right now, but if possible take this time to focus on your needs. Now is not the time to gloat on social media about your productivity. Do what you need to do to cope with this pandemic. You're doing just fine!  We put together a list of questions to reflect on while you do you.

- What is bringing me joy?
- Am I getting enough sleep?
- Am I taking some time every day to do an activity that I enjoy?
- Have I concentrated on taking deep breaths?
- Is there a support system I can turn to when I'm feeling overwhelmed?
- Am I adding some essential vitamins and nutrients to my diet?
- Am I staying hydrated?
- Have I said something nice about myself today?
- What am I grateful for?


Anxious about COVID-19?

Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor through Crisis Text Line.

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