Did you have a previous jewelry brand?

Yes, we had the jewelry brand GREYDIEM. We made very affordable, trendy jewelry with base metals. It was a great brand, but we grew up from that and we wanted our jewelry to grow up with us. We decided to evolve and create timeless jewelry with materials that could stand the test of time.

Is there a way I can see the jewelry in person?

Please follow us on Instagram or check out our Events page for any news on upcoming shows we will be attending. We are a direct to consumer brand, so that we can take control of every aspect our jewelry goes through. We are working on getting our studio ready for appointments soon.

Can I request a custom piece of jewelry?

Of course! Please email us at studio@jodieguirey.com for a free consultation.

I have an heirloom gemstone. Can I have it turned into a custom piece of jewelry?

You are so lucky! We can set up a free consultation and check out the gemstone to see if it's possible given how fragile the stone is and how you'd like it set. Email us at studio@jodieguirey.com to start the conversation.

I need jewelry purchased from you redone or resized. Can you do it?

We can definitely do that. Send us a photo and description of what needs to be done to studio@jodieguirey.com. A fee will apply if there is a manufacturing error and a notice to us within 5 days of receiving the item. All items that ship out are inspected thoroughly for quality assurance. If for some reason the item is damaged upon arrival, please let us know within the 5 days.

Why should I pay more for solid gold, .925 sterling silver, gold-filled, and gold vermeil when I can get less expensive plated jewelry?

We know how tempting it is to buy the inexpensive jewelry made out of plated alloys. Jewelry is all about investment and we believe you get what you pay for. Depending on how your individual body reacts, your sweat can create the green appearance and irritation on your skin where the base metals lie. We're sensitive to this and we know there are so many others who relate. Why buy a ton of inexpensive jewelry that you will get tired of quickly when you can invest in jewelry made of quality materials that you can pass down to someone else?

What's the difference between 10k, 14k, 18k, and 22k?

Check out or informational page on Materials and Methods.

How do I figure out what size ring I need?

We offer a Ring Sizer Gauge ($5 + free shipping) that you can try on and test out different sizing. Email studio@jodieguirey.com for more info.
A fast way to check your sizing is to tear out a strip of paper and wrap it around your finger. Cut the strip to where you think is comfortable and lay the strip of paper flat. Measure the paper in mm.

Below is a chart that you can reference.

Inside Circumference (mm) Ring Size (US sizing)
46.68 4
47.97 4 1/2
49.32 5
50.58 5 1/2
51.87 6
53.16 6 1/2
54.51 7
55.76 7 1/2
57.15 8
58.21 8 1/2
59.34 9
60.98 9 1/2
62.33 10